Gold Loan

Gold is one of the most credible media for economy.Form the starting of civilization,history is victim that gold has been

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Property Loan

On the demand of our valued clients,we arrange property Loans for them on all type of income producing and commercial properties.

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Personal Loan

We offer our services in providing personal loans for any purpose.Our wide expertise in this area allows us to offer you the helping hand with immediate.

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Vehicle Loan

Our financial services for Vehicle loans are available with some excellent features. Our easy to avail and hassle free Vehicle loans includes a wide array of Vehicle. Some of the specifications of our Vehicle loans 

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Education Loan

A term loan granted to Indian Nationals for pursuing higher education in India or abroad where admission has been secured. 

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Business Loan

Our wide array of business loans includes fast track business loans, secured term loans and overdraft facility. Backed by our experience we are capable of funding the financial requirements of our clients 


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Welcome Satyam Group Of Finance is dealing in Personel Loan, Loan Against Property, Project Loan & Gold Loan. We Believe in fair dealing and prompt dispersment of founds on priority Basis. We are dealing all India Business and Serve to owner client at a very reasonable cost. Authorized and process with all necessary Certificates.


File Charges: 2950/- Each File

Agreement Fees: 2% Of Each File

30% Subcidi & 3% Interest Rate

Insurance Will be applicable according to the document and state

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File charges: 2950 for all files. Agreement Fees: 3% for each files. 30% subcidi & 3% Interest Rate




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